Crane Hire Introduction

If you are unfamiliar with what's involved with Crane Hire and need to lift or transport goods, equipment or heavy or awkward loads this Crane Hire Introduction should help explain what's involved. At South West Crane Hire, we have six fully manned and equipped crane depots that can help and advise you as to the equipment required and of any Health and Safety issues that need to be catered for.

The main considerations when hiring a crane are:

  • What size load capacity crane is required?
  • What type of crane is best equipped for the job?
  • Is it a Contract Lift (see CPA Contract Lift)?
  • Is it a Crane Hire (see CPA Crane Hire)?
  • What access limitations are there?
  • Are there any hight or distance restrictions?
  • What is best route to transport the load to its final destination?
  • Are there highways agency issues?
  • and more...
 Crane Hire Introduction

We’ll be happy to help you answer all of these questions, call us on 0800 2943381 or contact one of our crane hire depots direct.

Crane Hire Introduction

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